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      Once again this year the Dubuque Area Labor Harvest is looking for volunteers for directing traffic at the Dubuque County Fair from July 28th to August 2nd.  The proceeds raised from this event helps the Labor Harvest feed the less fortunate people in the Dubuque area with free groceries and hot breakfast.  If you are interested in helping out please contact Tom at the Union Hall.

     Dubuque Area Labor Harvest is holding it's annual golf outing at Birchwood on Aug 9th.  If you are interested in golfing notify the Union Hall.

     Local 704 will be having our annual summer picnic Aug. 15th at Flora Park.  Details to follow.

     Summerfest is scheduled for Aug 14th at the Town Clock Square.  This event is put on by Dubuque Area Labor Management.  The funds raised are used for education to employment grants.

      Spahn and Rose is using a non signatory contractor to complete the electrical on their new building.  We urge all of our members to patronize the places in town that use our contractors to do their work.

      BMO is servicing the local pension plan. For more information check out their website  www.bmo.com/mybmoretirement or contact the Union Hall. 

      Kunkel and Associates is servicing the local health insurance plan.  For more information check out their website www.kunkel-inc.com or contact the Union Hall.

     The next Union Meeting is scheduled for Thursday Aug. 20th at 4:30 pm.

     The next E Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday Aug. 6th at 4 PM.

    Any members doing work on the side need to notify the Union Hall.  Any member caught performing work on the side without informing the Union Hall will have charges filed against them.

    We now have the ability for you to make payments to the Union Hall with a credit card.  If you have any questions contact Shelly.

    Just a reminder, if your status (married/single/kids), your address, or your phone number changes, don't forget to notify Local 704 in a timely manner.  This information helps us ensure that problems with your insurance do not go without notice.  Thanks.

    Anyone who has information on Electrical Contactors, (other than Contractors Signatory with Local 704), working in our jurisdiction please inform the hall. 

Follow IBEW 704 on Facebook @  https://www.facebook.com/pages/IBEW-704/269450743165560

    Anyone that wants information from Local 704 E-Mailed to them please send E-Mail address to Shelly(ibew704@live.com) or Tom(tom@ibew704.com).

                                           Our office is located at:

                                                1610 Garfield  Ave.
                                                Dubuque IA, 52001


                                                Local 704 Contacts

   Business Manager  
  Thomas Townsend
 cell # 563-543-4708
       Membership Development 
                   Peter Hird 
             cell # 563-542-5546
            Office Manager
           Shelly Freiburger