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    The next Union Meeting is scheduled for  May 15th at 4:30 PM.  Nominations for Election of Local Officers will be held at this meeting.

     The next E Board Meeting is scheduled for May 1st at 4 PM.

     Workers Memorial Day will be observed on Monday April 28th, 5:30 pm, at the Labor Temple.  We hope for a good turnout to honor workers that unfortunately lost their lives on the job.

     Local 704 will be conducting elections for Local Union Officers.  Nominations will be at the May regular meeting, with the election in June.  You must be a member in good standing to vote.

     The Local 704 Smoker will be held Friday June 13th at Murphy Park, Bennett Pavilion.  Food will be catered by Kalmes's.

     Once again there is an election coming this fall.  We are in the process of meeting candidates for Dubuque County Supervisor.  There are 7 Democrats and 1 Republican running for 2 seats.  The Primary Election is June 3rd.  Local 704 has endorsed Dave Baker.  Dave has been involved in the Building Trades for over 30 years.  It would be beneficial to have someone from the trades in the courthouse.

    The last several projects bid at Mercy Hospital have gone to a contractor not signatory with Local 704.  If possible we would encourage our members to patronize the hospital that hires our contractors/members(Finley). Thank You.

     If you are on the Local Insurance plan, your doctor should not be charging you a co-pay.  If they are trying to charge you a co-pay please contact the Union Hall.

    We now have the ability for you to make payments to the Union Hall with a credit card.  If you have any questions contact Shelly.

    Just a reminder, if your status (married/single/kids), your address, or phone number changes, don't forget to notify Local 704 in a timely manner.  This information helps us ensure that problems with your insurance do not go without notice.  Thanks.

    Anyone who has information on Electrical Contactors, (other than Contractors Signatory with Local 704), working in our jurisdiction please inform the hall. 

    Anyone that wants information from Local 704 E-Mailed to them please send E-Mail address to Shelly(ibew704@live.com) or Tom(tom@ibew704.com).

                                          Our office is located at:

                                             1610 Garfield  Ave.
                                             Dubuque IA, 52001

                                              Local 704 Contacts

    Business Manager
    Thomas Townsend
    cell # 563-543-4708
                                              Office Manager
      Shelly Freiburger