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       Medical Associates has changed Pharmacy contracts, due to this change you may get a different charge than you are accustomed to for prescription refills.  There is a price tracker on Medical Associates Website to help you compare the lowest cost alternatives for filling prescriptions.  If you have questions how to access the information contact Tom or Shelly at the Union Hall.

ATTENTION: As of 04/21/2016, Iowa has entered into a reciprocal agreement with the State of Wisconsin for the Journeyman and Master Electrical licenses.

If you have a Class A License you will need to send in a Journeyman/Master application form. According to Wisconsin you must have passed the Iowa Journeyman test after May of 2008 in order to reciprocate your license. A link for the form is below.

License Application

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Any member who has not received their Service Pins contact Local 704. We have 5 10,15,20,25,30,35,40, and 45 year pins available at the Hall.

     The following members need to pay their Union Dues by Jan. 1st or there is a $30 re-instatement fee.


     The following members are in arrears on Union Dues.  They will need to pay $30 re-instatement fee.  If not paid by July 1st, there is a $100 re-initiation fee.

    The following need to pay a $100 re-initiation fee.