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                                          Long Calls

           Today we have 2 open job calls.

          Blattner Energy needs 1 JW on a Long Call at the Potosi Solar project. They are currently woking 6-9 hour days. There is an onsite drug screen and fit for duty required.

           A&G Electric needs 1 JW on a Long Call. Starting ASAP working on various projects. There is a pre employment drug screen required.
             If you are interested in these jobs please call the job line, 563-582-5947.

             The Westphal Call was filled from Book I #12 David Pregler.

                                            Short Calls

          We currently have no Short Calls available.

                                         Work Outlook 

         We currently have 11 on Book I and 0 on Book II.

         Blattner Energy will be looking for more JW's and many more CW's. If you know anyone interested in working as a CW at Potosi for the summer please let us know.